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How to Choose the Right Clinical Trials For You

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Clinical trials are the main way that drugs, devices, and other treatments are tested to see if they are safe and effective.

Clinical trials can be sponsored by a government agency such as the National Institutes of Health or by a private company. Clinical trials are often divided into phases.

In phase I, researchers test a new drug or treatment in a small group of people to see what happens and if there are any side effects. Phase II studies involve larger groups of people to further assess effectiveness and side effects. Phase III clinical trials test whether the drug is better than another treatment or placebo in head-to-head comparisons.

In order to find the right clinical trial for you, you should search for clinical trials that match your needs like age, gender, specific medical condition, etc. You should also look at how many participants have been enrolled so far as well as how long it has been running which will give you an idea of when it will finish.

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