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Looking for methods to prevent and/or  treat your condition?

How to Participate in a Study?

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Why  Join a Clinical Trial

  • Make an impact in the growing health and science fields by volunteering to participate in a clinical trial.

  • Research helps doctors comprehend health problems in more depth which can lead to more accurate diagnoses and medical treatment options.

  • Clinical trials not only advance medicine, they help bring down costs for all of us.

  • Our caring and experienced team of researchers, nurses, and other staff members are dedicated to administering first-class patient care.

  • An institutional review board oversees the study to make sure patient welfare is the foremost priority.

  • You may receive compensation for time and travel.

  • D&H National Research Centers, INC, has many categories of clinical trial studies that you can sign up for or learn more about

To sign up for a trial or for more information about our studies, please submit the following.

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