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An ideal environment for Clinical Research.

Within the state-of-the-art facilities located in Miami and Tamarac, in the state of Florida, you will experience excellence at its finest. The use of the latest technologies and the welcoming environment provided by our friendly staff ensures that your visit to any of our facilities always makes a positive impact. The exact locations of our facilities have given our centers access to a diverse community, leading to constant growth in our subject database, which already includes over 15,000 subjects.


To ensure the confidentiality of our subjects, our facilities are designed with rooms that allow subjects to participate in clinical trials in a private space. With various rooms to perform study-related procedures, our researchers and staff have enough space to perform different tasks simultaneously while preserving patient safety and privacy. In the facility, you will find infusion rooms and dormitories where subjects can comfortably participate in trials.


We pride ourselves on constant positive remarks from sponsor representatives and subjects, not only about how our facilities look but also about the pleasant environment created by the team during their time at our facilities. Sponsor representatives have a cozy space to quietly work at, with access to the internet, a scanner, a photocopy machine, and many other resourceful accommodations.


We look forward to welcoming you to our facilities, where we will work together to ensure your visit with us will make you feel like you are part of the best research facility in the nation.

Visit our facility with our virtual tour

Our facility is equipped with:

  • 12 - Lead Electrocardiogram ECG Machine

  • Adult and Pediatric Blood Pressure Cuff and Calibrated Manometer

  • Calibrated Thermometers

  • Ambient Centrifuge

  • Refrigerated Centrifuge

  • Calibrated Weight Measure Device (Scale)

  • Infusion Pump

  • Infusion Chair

  • Lockable -20* C Freezer

  • -70* C Freezer

  • Dedicated, Lockable Research Refrigerator (2-8 * C)

  • Local Laboratory

  • Secure Double Locked Storage Room

  • Laminar Flow Unit

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